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Based in Victoria, BC, Chris O'Brien Communications combines career broadcasting and corporate communications experience with website design, professional writing, digital graphics and database application programming. We provide professional websites, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, electronic newsletters and media release services for business and non-profit organizations.





Chris O'Brien

News Anchor Reporter

Chris worked 23 years as a radio and television news anchor, reporter and producer at CTV affiliate stations in western Canadian capitals including Regina, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

Corporate Communicator

In 2002, Chris moved to corporate communications with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce for five years before relocating to establish his own business in beautiful British Columbia.

Web Developer

Today, he personally provides complete website development, e-commerce solutions, research and writing, e-newsletters and mass media services at competitive prices.

News Anchor Video


If knowledge is the fruit, imagination is the tree.

— Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Website Development

Website Development

Complete HTML or WordPress websites with e-commerce solutions, web hosting, content creation, email setup, professional writing and graphics, e-newsletters and more.

Professional Writing

Professional Writing

Tight writing and story telling for SEO web text, promotions, social media, feature articles and creative applications. Discover the credibility professional copy conveys.

Media Releases

Media Releases

News releases developed by an actual broadcast journalist and delivered to targeted traditional media, search engines, blogs and RSS feeds.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Keep your clients well informed with custom-tailored newsletters pre-approved by you and emailed to a subscriber database we help you grow.


Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

What particular skills and experience do you have?

 WordPress: E-commerce, Front-end, Back-end
 Metrics: SEO, Google Analytics
 Google: Maps API, Google+
 MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
 Adobe: Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth
 Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP + MySQL
 Mail & Social Media: MailChimp, Eventbrite, Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
 Researching, writing and editing: web content, articles, media releases, ad copy, correspondence, etc.

How does your web updating work?

We access your web server files and, if required, create a replica of the content to be updated. We then revise it according to your needs and submit it for approval. Once approved your new content replaces the outdated original. Nothing goes live without your authorization and all updated content blends seamlessly into your website.

Do you include graphics, videos, web forms or shopping carts?

You bet: graphic design, videos, web forms, animated headers, music, menus, creative writing, social media links, sign-up forms and e-commerce systems.

How much do your website services cost?

Every project varies according to its scope and complexity. Let us know what you can afford, we're always looking for good, long term relationships!

Will there be additional expenses?

Generally, no. In fact we tend to do more without charging more. However, if you decide to add things along the way additional costs may apply.

How does your email marketing and media release distribution work?

We work with third party suppliers to help manage both. MailChimp is great for your regular company newsletters. Otherwise, official Media Releases are distributed using MMD, an online service featuring a comprehensive database of news media outlets and digital news services around the world. We create custom media releases or newsletters complete with your logo and send you a draft for approval prior to delivery. Post delivery, you receive a detailed distribution report. We also arrange online ticketing and special event promotions via Eventbrite, a world leading event management software service based in California.

I have a content management system. What can you do that I can't?

Fine tuning any website requires the ability to write and revise code. Non-developers simply can't convey the professional quality developers provide. Hire a developer to save time and money and get a website you can be truly proud of.

I only have a few changes to make, do you handle small jobs?

You bet. We want your business and know the value of a job well done, big or small.

What are the benefits of keeping my website up-to-date?

Keeping your web content current and up-to-date conveys professional credibility. Your web visitors need to know your organization is still breathing and that you can be trusted to provide current prices, products and information. And, of course, search engines are always looking for updated content. Keeping yours fresh ensures your site ranks higher.


PRIVACY: Your information is strictly for internal use. It will never be shared, sold or otherwise distributed without your consent.

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